Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump day!

This morning, Babu made omelets, so we have reverted to breakfast number 2.  I went into work slightly later around 9:45 AM and everyone else already seemed to be working diligently.  I suppose after a rough start on Monday and Tuesday, Indians are in full swing on Wednesday.  I spoke with Koen and we set up a meeting for 2 PM but something came up so the meeting is pushed back to tomorrow.  The entire work environment is really flexible and chill which is much appreciated.  I suppose this is the atmosphere because scientific testing of their 20ish drugs takes weeks to complete each round so a lot of time is spent waiting for results and analyzing data.

Carol, a doctor from France who knows Dr. Villoo Patell from Strausburg, joined the five of us for lunch.  Everyone is so nice and I feel welcomed into the company for only being here 3 days.  Today, I went to the food court for lunch and had Indian-Chinese food which is rather close to American Chinese food.  I had the Chicken Combo for only 95 rupees or $2.13.  Afterwards, I enjoyed a chocolate frappaccino/milkshake and then returned to work around 2 PM where I continued to look over the licensing agreement and add additional clauses that I deem pertinent.

I feel awkward leaving the office to go to the restroom or to grab coffee or water because my desk is past the executive offices so I must pass them all in order to leave Avesthagen and therefore Villoo, Koen, and everyone else notices when I, or anyone, leaves and returns.  I know they are not keeping track but it does make me second guess stepping away from my desk.

Anil, who has been a great help with providing insight to India comes over everyday to discuss how work is going and is more than willing to answer any questions.  He studied in the US and is approachable and has a great sense of humor.  He walked down to the Mobile Store with Troy & I so I could buy a phone and then go to Airtel to purchase a SIM card.  However, Airtel told us to return tomorrow when they would have a new shipment of prepaid SIM cards.  After this additional break, I returned to my desk where I ended up talking with the employees at the desks surrounding me for the remainder of my day until 6 PM.  I am beginning to learn more about everyone at work and although they are all career driven and well educated, they are all married and rather young.

Everyone seemed to close shop early on Wednesdays and after a slow start Monday and Tuesday morning, I am curious to see the work day environment for Thursday and Friday.  I am meeting with Koen and Devasis to discuss the licensing agreement tomorrow in addition to meeting with Villoo to go over the start of our internship with Avesthagen.

Despite a relatively leisurely work day, filled with an extended lunch and coffee break, I am tired when I come home after staring at a computer screen all day.  There is nothing to do at night as there are no commercial venues outside Prestige Langleigh and the bars are in downtown Bangalore.  I go to bed relatively early each evening, around 10:30 or 11 PM and wake up before my alarm at 7 AM.  Unfortunately, my shower only has cold water and this is far from ideal in the morning.  The girls claim they have hot water in the evening so I will have to learn to adjust my schedule.

I look forward to going out this weekend and seeing the local market which is 2 KM from the apartment, along with visiting a national park about 22 KM south of Bangalore where you can ride elephants and see tigers, lions, hyenas, and other wildlife.

One of the three stores outside our compound.

Thomas, Troy, My favorite security guard, & me.

Peiran, Daniella, & Carol

Chicken Combo at the Chinese restaurant in the food court.

Indian-Chinese Restaurant

Dinner by Babu & Son, complete with french fries!

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