Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is this Beef or Chicken?

I arrived at the Tech Park around 9:30 AM, after having French Toast by Babu.  After a leisurely morning, I had lunch at the Paramount Restaurant, however, the chicken was extremely spicy so I ran next door to KFC for water and popcorn chicken.  The 5 of us then got coffee at Au Bon Pain for coffee where I had a mocha, unfortunately their portions are extremely small compared to American standards as their is regular and 'mini.'

Waiting for the morning bus to work.

View from my desk.

Dinner by Babu & Son
 After a 1.5 hour lunch break, I met with Koen who is Chief Operations at Avesthagen; he assigned me with editing one of their licensing agreements to manufacture one of their products.  I am excited to be doing actual legal work but am extremely nervous as I am not qualified to be writing contractual agreements.  I read a 116 page document regarding licensing agreements in Pharmaceutical companies and began analyzing their current agreement.  I left around 6 PM and headed home for dinner by Babu & Son.

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